A Full Set of Challenge Programs

Extracon offers a complete set of Challenge Programs to engage participants and improve the most important dimensions of health.

  • Walking Challenges Activate Their Bodies
  • Weight Challenges Give Them Control
  • Nutrition Challenges Improve Eating Habits
  • Balance Challenges Boost Sleep & Reduce Stress
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Walking & Physical Activity Weight Management
Better Nutrition Life Balance

Walking & Physical Activity  


Our walking challenges are a great way to help participants start moving their bodies. You already know how pedometer programs can boost walking - now find out how our social features can keep them engaged!


Our activity challenges motivate participants to reach the 150 minutes of weekly activity they need for good health. A dose of friendly competition and a wide range of trackable activities will have them moving every day!

Weight Management  

Team Weight Loss

Team Weight Loss Challenges build a support group for each participant as teams lose weight together. A spark of friendly competition and careful design to ensure privacy completes this great Challenge.


The Maintain-Don't-Gain Challenge is great to run during the Holidays or as a follow-on to a weight loss challenge. Participants learn and practice the skills to gain control of their weight for the long term.

Weight & Nutrition Challenge

Participants earn points for each 1% of bodyweight they lose, and also earn points for the fruits & veggies they eat and the glasses of water they drink. Combining nutrition with weight results in a great program that's about more than just a number on a scale.

Better Nutrition  

More Matters Fruits & Veggies

The More Matters Fruits & Veggies Challenge will have your participants filling their plates with great nutrition. As an added bonus, all those fruits & veggies on the plate tend to crowd out the empty calories and junk foods.

Healthy Hydration

The Healthy Hydration Challenge asks your participants to drink more water and less sugar-sweetened beverages. With typical Americans drinking 450 calories per day, this is one of the best targets for improvement!

Life Balance  

Sleep Habits

The Sleep Habits Challenge asks your participants learn and practice the 6 Key Habits for better sleep. These research-based habits will help your participants get high-quality sleep at night so they can be productive during the day.

Stress & Resilience

The Stress & Resilience Challenge will have your participants taking an active approach to stress management using meditation, yoga, guided visualizations, and other techniques on a daily basis.

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